120Pcs(12Color) Dog Claw Caps Soft Rubber Pet Paws Nail Grooming Cover + 6 Adhesive Glue

  • 120 pcs(12 color) soft claw caps for dog,6 adhesive glue,6 applicator tips for glue,1 manual
  • Protect your home and loved ones against destructive pet scratching by applying soft nail caps to your pet’s nails
  • Dog nail covers are easy-to-apply that last 4-6 weeks, and will not interfere with your pet’s normal behavior,fall off with the natural growth of pet’s nails
  • Developed by Professional veterinarian,dog paws caps extremely safe and non-toxic.Even if your dog swallows one, no harm will come
  • If you not satisfied about the product,return at any time,we will refund 100%

• With the strong glue,caps will be attached to the nails tightly and uneasy to off. Caps will fall off naturally with growth of nails.Use the applicator tip,don’t let glue touch your skin, it may hurts you,Be VERY VERY CAREFUL !

• At the beginning,cat wore caps may pull a few off with their teeth,it’s very normal.After a few days, when it gets used to it, this will not happen