Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Chico 2.0 Revisible Pet Sling Carrier with Adjustable Strap – Color: Grey and Denim

  • Measures 9” depth and holds pets up to 12 pounds
  • Feature adjustable shoulder strap and safety collar hook for extra security
  • Perfect combination of convenience and style
  • Hands-free design is perfect for everyday walk and weekend adventure
  • Machine wash

These sling dog carriers are the perfect combination of convenience and style. It is designed to take your pet traveling with you by offering both strength and comfort for pet lovers on the move. Your pet will love curling up in the soft cotton material and will remain safe and secured.


CLOSE TO HEART: Our sling bag allows you to keep your dog close to your body where you can touch, hug, and talk to them

LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Thanks to the soft cotton cloth material, this sling style bag will keep you and your pet relaxed and comfortable throughout the day

CONVENIENT: Easily tote your pets around town or during traveling with little effort

HELPS SEPARATION ANXIETY: Without shadow of a doubt, when given the choice, most dogs would prefer to travel along rather than being left behind

Weight recommendation

Suitable for puppies, smaller breed dogs and pets up to 12 pounds and some customer uses Chico Sling for their cats as well

Dog Breed such as Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Toy Poodle,  Jack Russel, Italian Greyhound, Shih Tzu

Sometimes dogs are more overt when they feel anxious and want to remove themselves from the sling. Please don’t force a dog to stay in the sling in which he feels anxious and uncomfortable


SAFE: This pet carrier bag holds your pet easily and it features a safety collar hook to ensure your pet is safe and secure

ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable shoulder strap from 14″ – 35″ in length

MACHINE WASHABLE: Make your pet sling bag look and feel like new with a simple cold wash in your washing machine