Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Max Diaper Dog Sanitary Pantie with Velcro Closure – Color: Black, Size: S (for Girl Dogs)

  • Size Small fits waist girth (measures in front of the back legs) 13.5″- 16.5”
  • Eliminates problems from untrained pups, females in season, incontinent dogs and excitable urination
  • Place adhesive napkin on inside of garment to adsorb liquids
  • Neoprene material which is suitable for all weather conditions
  • Machine wash and reusable

Our Panties is perfect for a range of needs—great for use with female dogs in heat, female dogs with incontinence, and young puppies still potty training. They provide an extra level of protection for your female dog and will keep her from accidentally causing a mess in your home and beyond.  It is great for use in the house, for travel in the car or on a plane, and at dog-friendly stores and restaurants.

How to properly determine your dog’s waist size:
Measure completely around your dog’s waist which is in front of the back legs. Be sure to include the penis. When measuring your dog use a cloth/flexible measuring tape, if one is not available, use a piece of string or twine and then measure that with a ruler, or measuring tape. Choose the corresponding size in inches. If in doubt or in between sizes, we recommend choosing the next size up.

ADJUSTABLE: ​They are made to stay in place with industrial strength velcro for a secure fit

DETAILED DESIGN / MATERIAL:  There’s a hole for your dog’s tail to fit through and elastic around the legs provides a snug fit. ​Neoprene material provides comfort and breathability in all weather conditions

REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: Machine washable. Place adhesive napkin on inside of garment to absorb liquids