Anima Red Mesh Jersey with Red Trim Harness and Leash Set, XX-Small

  • 1″ velcro closure at back with extra buckle clip for included security
  • Breathable polyester net material
  • Matching nylon leash consisted of
  • Machine washable
  • Harness approximate size: Size 7″, Upper body 17.5″, Neck 11-12″.
  • Big velcro closure at back with additional buckle clip for added security.
  • Breathable poly/cotton mesh material.
  • Matching leash included.
  • For breed sizes like Chihuahua, Mini Doberman, young puppies.

Maintain your animal safe with this flashy harness. Breathable polyester net material. Modifiable velcro closure at the back and added safety and security fastening for added safety and security. Consists of matching chain. Equipment washable. Is available in 3 colors: Black, Red, Pink.