Chihuahua - Long Coat Lekven Design Dog Plate

Chihuahua – Long Coat Lekven Design Dog Plate 19.5 cm /7.61 inches Made in Denmark NEW with certificate of origin PLATE

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  • Natalia Brampton
  • 5 cm/ 7.61 inches
  • When we receive your order, the job starts. Your handcrafted plate will be prepared at the factory in Denmark & Distribution from Denmark. It’s takes about 2 weeks and also delivered to you route in safe packaging and with its own original production certification.

Traditional pictures of your preferred good friend decorate these stunning and collectible Pet dog Plates! With focus on information, every plate comes pre-drilled for wall dangling or for usage with our Dog Plate Stand, each one of our magnificently crafted Canine Plates features an exceptionally precise imitation of your preferred breed in it’s own distinct setting! Terrific present for any sort of pet enthusiast! Lekven These stunning plates are painted by some of the most effective musicians in Europe who are masters in the methods for making ceramic plates of best quality. Delight in more than 600 different Canine Plates in porcelain – all made with the generally popular Danish Blue underglaze method. The range includes almost all pet dog breeds of the globe! The designs have actually been authorized by international pet dog show courts. The plates are made manually in Denmark. They are fired at 1,250 levels C. Just by doing this is it feasible to accomplish the exquisite high quality where the layout is melted down right into the polish after shooting, which means that home plate is ONE HUNDRED % appliance secure. The technological high quality of the prints is really high– the accuracy is ideal also when publishing approximately 12 shades. Please inquire if you do not see the breed of your choice – we will certainly suggest you on availability and also timing. Each plate has actually been pre-drilled for very easy hanging (we also provide plate stands), as well as is crammed in its own safety Styrofoam Box. No two are alike! A certification of genuineness adheres to each thing. There is a worldwide copyright on all drawings. The diameter of home plates is around 7.5″ (19.5 centimeters). Gather all the various plates for your type. Send them as gifts. They will be treasured for several years.

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Long Coat Lekven Design Dog Plate Size: 19.5 cm/ 7.61 inches