Chihuahua Notepad With Unique Die Cut Paw Shaped Sticky Notes 50 Sheets Measuring 5 by 4.7 Inches Convenient Functional Everyday Item Great Gift For Chihuahua Lovers and Owners

  • Practical Daily Usage
  • Detailed Die-Cut Paw Forming
  • Big Magnetic Back
  • 50 glue sheets of paper in each
  • Great for Chihuahua lovers

Developed for your ease, these uniquely designed notepads are consistently helpful for your checklist of “to-do’s” and all your fast suggestions. There are 50 sheets of paper in each Chihuahua paw shaped note pad as well as they gauge at 5 inches wide and also 4.7 inches tall. Every sheet is boosted with a quite long lasting post-it sticky to position notes anywhere so nothing is quickly failed to remember. For added benefit the back of the notepad is magnetic for very easy placement on the refrigerator. Each sheet includes a portrait of the Chihuahua with the type name as well. These magnetic notepads are wonderful for any kind of Chihuahua owner and are a practical thoughtful present for Chihuahua lovers.