Chihuahuas with Pink Pawprints – Double Sided 6.5″ x 8″ White/Silver Two-Tone Magic Sequin Pencil Case/Bag

  • This trendy medium-sized multi-functional 2 sided two-tone magic sequin pencil case is made from a high quality polyester on the side with the photo, and bangle fabric on the reverse. It showcases a lively, striking photo on the (back) side. The opposite (front) includes white and silver 2 tone sparkly bangles flawlessly overlapping each other.
  • When you slide your fingers across the bangles, the sequins will certainly be turned to offer one more tone. You can develop your designs of letters, monograms, or shapes on the images just with a slide of fingers. You can see an instance of this in picture 4. The actual thing does not say the word “hi,” that is just an example to show you how you can create your personal words or forms by navigating the bangles with your fingers.
  • This double sided 2 tone sparkly sequin pencil bag procedures about 8 inches wide and also 6.5 inches long. This appealing pencil case is the best size to hold your institution materials/ pens as well as pencils in your home and also in university or school and is not too huge for on-the-go. The second and third photos represent the two-tone colors of the bangles; white and also silver.
  • Adorn with sparkly design! Polyester Side Includes a Lively Apartment Printed Design/Quote
  • Produced as well as Made From Our Manufacturing Facility in New York. Ships From New York City. Quick Processing and Shipping! Satisfaction Surefire!

This elegant medium-sized multi-functional two-tone magic bangle pencil case is constructed from a high quality polyester on the side with the picture, as well as sequin material on the opposite. It features a dynamic, striking image on one side. The other side features white and also silver 2 tone sparkly bangles completely overlapping each other. When you move your fingers throughout the bangles, the sequins will be flipped to give another tone. You could produce your styles of letters, monogrammeds, or forms on the images merely with a slide of fingers. Fun to run your fingers across. It gauges roughly 8 inches large and 6.5 inches long. This attractive pencil situation is the ideal size to hold your materials for university or institution and is not as well large for on-the-go. Adorn with sparkly style! 1 zippered pocket with black cellular lining.

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