Comfort Trainer Head Halter

  • The Comfort Fitness instructor’s soft, rounded nose band will certainly match any sort of dog from a Boston Terrier to German Guard to Mastiff, and will gently guide your pet dog’s head and also help you to swiftly train your canine. The head halter conforms to your canine’s head shape without irritating the eyes, tightening the mouth or abrading your dog’s nostrils. Due to the fact that he is comfortable, your pet dog will adjust faster and prepare to find out.
  • Why select the Convenience Instructor Head Halter over other Head Halters: Powerful yet mild command to deter drawing, biting and barking or for walking numerous canines; most comfortable head collar on the marketplace; the modification will not slip; pet dogs accustom to it much faster; less possibility of scrape injury; very easy to put on and take off; will not aggravate your canine’s eyes (if sized/fitted appropriately); will not come off of your pet (if sized/fitted effectively).
  • The Convenience Trainer comes comprehensive with instructions for use. Please note: It requires time to show your canine to be comfy wearing any sort of head halter. You will obtain instructions on how to do this. If you have only small issues with pulling, you could think about an Easy Stroll No-Pull Harness which most canines choose to put on over a head halter.
  • Sizing: Dimension # 1 matches dogs: 5 to 10 pounds, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier types. Size # 2 fits pets: 11 to 25 pounds, Shih Tzu, Miniature Dachshund breeds. Dimension # 3 fits pet dogs: 26 to 55 lbs, Perimeter Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Martial artists, Small Bulldogs breeds. Dimension # 4 fits pets: 56 to 80 pounds, Dalmatian, Tool sized Golden or Labrador breeds. Size # 5 fits canines: 81 to 100 lbs, Large retriever, Huge German Guard breeds. Dimension # 6 fits pet dogs: 101 to 180 lbs, Great Dane, Mastiff types.

The Convenience Trainer Head Halter will certainly assist you to delicately control and also educate a canine that pulls or is aggressive. EZ Clip is a quick-release clip to make it easier to put on and remove. Sizing Note: If your dog’s head is smaller sized compared to his neck (such as Dobermans, Collies and Greyhounds), choose one size smaller. Except use with a leash longer compared to 6 feet. Functions ideal with a lightweight chain (like a bungee chain in size tiny).