Cool Dog Hat & Shades (Body Guard) - 1

Cool Dog Hat & Shades (Body Guard)

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  • 5 sizes XS-XL fit from Chihuahua to Alsation or Great Dane
  • Real frameworks as well as tints do range hat sizes – Kindly check out the photos
  • Held in location by a cleverly designed strap which goes under the chin as well as around the ears
  • The safety helmets are not hard, and are well cushioned as well as lined for convenience
  • XL helmets all have big structures. Retrievers are thought about XL for size estimation

These very great pet hat and also shades are specifically created and also shaped for all pets. The helmets are never hard, as well as are well padded and also lined for convenience. The headgear is composed area by a cleverly designed strap which goes under the chin and around the ears. The XS hat as well as tones are miniature, as well as the shades are doll sized. At the various other end, the XL hat as well as tones are very big, as well as use over-sized structures. Regular frames would be as well small. The real frames as well as pigmentations do range the dimensions, so please look at the images of the dimension you have an interest in prior to buying. We try to maintain consistency, however these products are all hand used available products. Offered in sizes XS – Chihuahua/Papillion/Mini Yorkie. S – Jack Russell/Yorkie. M – Westie/Border Terrier. L – Collie/Greyhound. XL – Alsation/Great Dane. (Recommended breeds as a tough size overview only) Below are the real measurements. The XS hat is a dome, and also the other hats have no front as well as back. The measurements are approximate, and also are in between the largest levels of the sides of the hat. Hat XS Diameter: 7cm (3″) approx. Hat S Size: 9cm (3.5″) approx. Hat M Width: 10cm (4″) approx. Hat L Size: 13.5 cm (5.5″) approx. Hat XL Size: 16cm (6.5″) approx.

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