DELE Dog & Cat Brush for Grooming Short or Long Hair Pin Brush for Massage with No Slip Handle Professional Pet Grooming Tools

  • Everyday maintenance brush prevents your pet hair from getting matted and improving blood circulation
  • Recommend to use with short hair,curly or fluffy coat types to massage,such as poodle, yorkie, chow chow, german shepherds, chihuahua,etc.
  • No scratch & no pain; Soft nylon pins with rounded ends are easy on your pets with sensitive skin.
  • Ergonomical non-slip grip handle ensures extra comfort and control when using.
  • NOTE:If your pets fur is double coat,you could use DELE dematting tool prior to comb his hair and that takes away any excessive fur, which may cause the pin brush to tug on the hair or hurt your pets.

A gentle ball tips pin brush is an excellent choice for people who just like to spoil their pets with extra care and maintain a nice coat before it becomes all matted. It’s also very easy to use, both for the human and the animal.2-3 times a week for a 5-minute brushing is perfect for your beloved pets to feel great.

Directions for use
1. Combing Order: Starting from the neck, front to back, up to down in turn.
2. Combing method: Turn up the hair and comb the under coat,combe quickly and gently along the grain.
3. Clean the brush timely when finishing cleaning your pets.We recommend using the tool 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes each session.

Warm tips
1. Please use appropriate control so as to make your pet feel more comfortable.
2. If your pet has any sores or skin irritation, please consult the pet care professional before grooming.
3. Please store the product out of children’s reach.

We are not able to guarantee you will be getting an authentic DELE pin brush if you purchase it from any other seller but Petpets