DOG Booster, Natural Row Food with Herbal Salad 2 Sausage - 2

DOG Booster, Natural Row Food with Herbal Salad 2 Sausage

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  • Enhances toughness, resistance and vitality, enhances resistance to conditions; anti-oxidant, antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory; stimulates appetite and also aids food digestion; antibacterial for colds as well as coughings;
  • Assists clear chest blockage; protects while inoculation and support weak young people; avoids hypoglycemia.
  • Sausage for dogs

Brand: Vet Vittles tm 2. Title: PET BOOSTER, natural row meals with herbal salad 3. Statement: Increases toughness, immunity and also vitality, boosts resistance to condition, promotes appetite and aids digestion, antimicrobial task. Organic ample row meals for canines. 4. Bar code: 5. Supplier’s name and address: Made in U.S.A, source of US licensed organic remedies: San Francisco Natural herb & Health food Co.; Vet Vittles, 223 W 38th Street, New york city, NY 10018; tel. (888-RRB- 807 4588;. Net quantity declaration: 0.5 pounds sausage 7. List of ingredients: Poultry (bust & chitterlings/offal), cheese, eggs, rice carrot, lettuce apples, pumpkin, environment-friendlies, fish oil plus natural treatments: alfalfa natural herb, ashwagandha origin, astragalus root, dandelion origin, foti origin, hibiscus blossom, hops flower, hyssop natural herb, licorice root, marshmallow root, neem leaf, shavegrass. 8. Nutritional competence declaration: Support ONE HUNDRED % requirements of the canine microorganism with the very tasty healthy proteins, fats, carbs, fibers, vitamins and microelements. 9. Calorie declaration: 1100 kcal/kg 10. Eating directions: Feed ad lib, healthy medium dimension, age and exercise condition canine need to eat 0.5 lb for each 10 lbs of physical body weight. 11. Storage and also usage: Cover as well as refrigerate unused portion. Best just before July 2013 12. Surefire Analysis: -Crude healthy protein minimum percent – 7 -crude body fat minimum portion – 4– unrefined fiber max percentage – 1.5– moisture max – 71 % 13. Precaution: For pet dogs just.

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