Dog Cat Sling Carrier, Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap, with Mesh Pocket for Outdoor Travel (S – Up to 5 lbs, Light Purple – Grey)

  • Hostile to Squeeze SHEET :The novel enemy of squeeze plan of the AOFOOK little canine transporter is an aid for medium and long-haired felines and canines. It can successfully keep the pet’s hair from being gotten by the zipper, or making the pet hurt and harm the presence of the pet’s fur because of pulling, and really keep such horrible mishaps from happening to the pet. AOFOOK canine pack gives pets the most mindful consideration;
  • Movable Wellbeing Clasp : AOFOOK canine sling can change the length of the security clasp, which can be acclimated to fit the pet’s body shape, actually forestalling the inconvenience as a result of the unadjustable length. The security clasp of the canine satchel is made of metal, tough and strong. At the point when being used, the security clasp is clasped to the towing ring of pet garments or saddle, which can really keep the pet from inadvertently dropping out. AOFOOK pet sack is the most secure consideration for pets.
  • Hostile to SLIP DRAWSTRING Clasp : The counter slip drawstring clasp plan of the AOFOOK pet transporter can naturally lock subsequent to being changed in accordance with a suitable size opening. The pet can’t escape from the AOFOOK canine convey sack, which can guarantee that the pet stays in the doggy handbag securely.
  • Intelligent Plan : Both the front and back of AOFOOK canine body transporter have intelligent plan. At the point when you are strolling around evening time or in burrows with unfortunate lighting, it is simple for drivers to find you, which can successfully keep away from traffic accidents.There is a pocket on the facade of the shoulder lash to store little canine stuff for little canines ,cellphone,keys,etc. You can utilize AOFOOK pet transporter pack as a canine front transporter or a canine conveying backpack.AOFOOK canine slings permit you to securely travel.
  • NON-SLIP ZIPPER : The zipper of the AOFOOK pup knapsack transporter is non-slip configuration, can be naturally locked, everything is good to go of the zipper sneaking off, and the pet can’t escape from the little canine satchel. With the counter pallet string clasp and security clasp, the chance of pets incidentally running out of the pet pack is totally killed. The AOFOOK canine feline holder very much like a kangaroo pocket for canines furnishes you with the most secure gatekeeper.