Dog Diggin Designs Cloud 9 Bed Collection | Soft, Stylish, Comfortable, Eye-Catching Design | Machine Washable Removable Cover for Easy Cleaning

  • Ruin your dog with soft, luxurious convenience made from the highest quality material & craftsmanship.
  • Covers unzip & are machine washable for ease of cleaning. Fits most types. See photo for dimension info.
  • Choose from an option of fun and also strikingly beautiful parodies of iconic autos or style brand names.
  • Unlike all the dreary-looking dog beds, our beds boost any type of area as well as are great novelty.
  • These spectacular parodies of famous brand names offer countless photo ops to illuminate your social media sites.

Pet Diggin Styles Cloud 9 Bed Collection

We asked our seamstresses as well as designers why all pet dog beds look so boring and bleak. They couldn’t develop an excellent answer, so we challenged them to develop dog beds that not only give our canine friends an extravagant sleeping experience, yet also include pizazz to their environments. Hence, our Pet Dog Diggin Designs Cloud 9 Bed Collection was birthed. Our pet beds are made from the finest quality products that give a luxurious deluxe feeling as well as soft qualities to reduce your pooch’s tired bones and joints. We have 2 Cloud 9 Bed lines: one for the speedster in your life and also the other for the fashionista in you. For The Fast and also The Furryness, we have an option of fun apologies of renowned cars and trucks, and, for the fashionista, we have amazingly stunning apologies of famous fashion brands.

Why vehicles? Well, after a long day of chasing after autos, would not it be nice to ruin your pooch with his extremely own auto to sleep in? For our fashionista canine mother and fathers, our beds are made to enhance any type of style maven’s collection, that additionally has an enjoyable sense of humor. Regardless, our beds are stunningly attractive novelty that you can happily show to quickly boost any type of office or home, unlike those various other eye sores that look like they belong in the garage. Our beds likewise make for excellent video clip and also media event that makes certain to light up your social networks adhering to!