Everlast Pet Toys | Rope & Leash Bundle For Dogs | Knotted Ball Pull Rope | Dog Park Leash | Guaranteed | (2) ‘Paw’ Tennis Balls | Top Rated – #1 Seller | Large, Medium & Small Breeds of All Ages

  • BUNDLE INGREDIENTS: (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope (2) ‘Paw’ Tennis Balls (1) Dog Park Leash (colors vary)
  • FETCH & RETRIEVE: Now you can use the Knotted Ball Pull Rope to test your dogs fetch & retrieve abilities. Of course the Knotted Pull Rope makes an excellent strength testing tool for training purposes.
  • HOURS OF FUN: Now you can see who is the strongest with these tug-o-war pull rope toys.
  • LEASH LAWS: We love to take our dogs to the park and because of the mandatory leash laws in some states we have included a Dog Park Leash for your trip from home to the park and back.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary on Dog Park Leashes.

#1 Best Selling Rope & Leash Dog Toy Bundle. This bundle includes (1) Knotted Ball Pull Rope, (2) ‘Paw’ Tennis Balls and (1) Dog Park Leash (colors vary). This Everlast Pet Toys Pet Toy Bundle was specifically designed for puppies or active dogs that like to play, chew, play catch and fetch and tug-o-war games. More than simple chew toys, this 3 toy bundle will give you and your dog hours of interactive fetch & retrieve games to enjoy. These dog toys will keep your dog entertained for hours. Your pup will have loads of fun chasing and retrieving. We rounded this bundle off with the Tennis Ball Pull Rope Toy for larger dogs that love to play tug-o-war and challenge you to a game of strength. Great for golden retrievers, collies, great dane, german shepherd, rottweiler etc. We can’t always stop our dogs from wanting to chew, but we can give them a suitable substitute that will stop them from chewing our shoes and furniture! Spend more quality time with your best friend and have fun at the same time with Everlast Pet Toys Product Bundles. Everlast Pet Toys Bundles make great gift ideas for those pet lover friends and family members. Affordable pet toy bundles for dogs of all sizes at affordable prices.