GREENIES Grain Free Dental Dog Chews, Teenie, 96 Treats, 27 Ounces; Grain Free Dental Dog Treats: For Clean Teeth and Healthy Gums

  • GREENIES Grain Free Dental Dog Chews, Teenie, contains one 27-oz. 96-count pack of Greenies Grain Free Teenie Dog Dental Chews; one Grain Free Dental Treat is all it takes to help clean teeth and help freshen breath all with one irrisistably tasty treat
  • The unique, delightfully chewy texture of Greenies Dog Chews cleans down to the gum line to help fight plaque and help fight tartar while freshening breath; your dog can’t wait to sink their teeth into these tasty grain free dog treats
  • Best of all these dog treats: natural, plus vitamins, minerals & nutrients, are made with highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest; give your dog the mouth-wowing treat that helps promote oral health with Greenies Dog Treats; Treat your dog fantastically with these grain free treats
  • Giving your dog Greenies treats is an easy and delicious way to promote oral health; your dog will fall head over tails for Greenies Dental Treats and you will like that they clean their mouth from top to bottom.
  • Wholesome and healthy, Greenies mouth-wowing treats effectively clean teeth, freshen breath, and fight plaque and tartar; made with a protein-based recipe, easy-to-digest ingredients such as chickpeas and potatoes, for dogs with grain sensitivities