Hurleco Military Grade Leather Dog Training Leash Set – Brown

  • PREMIUM FEEL – Slightly beveled military and law enforcement grade leather will feel comfortable in your hands, and soft and supple for that immediate broken-in feel.
  • WORRY-FREE STRENGTH AND DURABILITY – Over 1/8 inch wider than standard leather leashes, and 1/16 inch thicker. Its superior design eliminates that thin, stretchy and flimsy feel often found in ¾ and ½ inch wide leashes, making it not only great for walking, patrolling or dog shows, but also the safest choice for heavy and large dogs. The leather will resist cracking and splitting for years.
  • STURDY AND HEAVY DUTY CLASP – Improved alloy iron/copper 360 degree swivel clasp will resist rust and corrosion for decades. The long thumb mechanism features large surface area contact with the cylinder which translates into smooth operation, strength and long lasting safety.
  • QUALITY LEATHER – Eco-friendly custom braided design is more reliable than rivets or stitching that can rust or break. Your leather leash will not become a knotty mess like nylon leashes.
  • FULL ONE YEAR Customer-Friendly Product Warranty! Contact us for 100% of your money back, or immediate replacement if not completely satisfied.

Throw your old knotty nylon or flimsy leather leash away once and for all!

The Hurleco leather dog leash features a custom braided design and is perfect for dog shows, patrolling, walking or running with your best four-legged friend safely attached.

You should not have to walk your dog on a bungee cord! Many cheaper leather leashes on the market cut corners on leather width and thickness which results in an inferior “stretchy” feel. Thin leather also tends to crack or split easily under normal wear and tear. We don’t want your furry friend to pull and break away.

A 2mm or 3mm thick leash may be fine for walking your ferret, but not a dog over 25 lbs. The Hurleco leash is 7/8 inches wide (nearly an inch) and 4mm thick! It’s strong enough for the heaviest of dogs, yet not too heavy for smaller puppies and breeds. It combines lightweight design with strength and durability to fit just about any need.

Here is what you get:
-One hand crafted 6 foot braided leather leash, brown with silver swivel clasp
-One Free BONUS Adjustable Ultrasonic Dog Whistle on a Keychain
-One product card containing dog whistle training tips
-Superior packaging, all securely bagged and boxed – no annoying stickers/wrapping
FULL ONE YEAR warranty

Couple of Additional Thoughts:
-Your leather leash will have a new leather smell – similar to a new baseball glove. No worries, it fades over time.
-Although the Hurleco leash is among the strongest and most durable leather leashes on the market, it will not stand up to chewing, so try to prevent it
becoming a favorite chew toy!

So ADD TO CART now, and consider treating your friend or family to an additional one!