Incognito Discrete Pet Carrier – Tiger

  • Dual zippered side door access
  • Zippered leading for very easy access to your animal
  • Padded slim bring bands stays on tiny shoulders
  • Sufficient net ventilation on top and sides
  • Includes a cleanable fleece pad, zipper safety clips as well as a security secure

 The Sturdi Incognito Pet dog Carrier is styled for animal travel when discernment is needed. Sturdis’ pet dog friendly, attractive & ultralight layout includes a dual zippered side door entrance and top for very easy access to your pet dog. All net home windows can be completly covered with affixed privacy flaps that store into the outside storage space pockets. Additional large pockets on each side will keep paper work completely dry. Various other features include, slim cushioned lugging bands, zipper safety security clips, safety secure and a luggage take care of loop. A cleanable fleece pad is included.