Innovative Pet Products 10-Feet Hip Leash, Standard, Red and Black

  • Hands free retracting pet chain with springtime crammed clip that attaches to belt or belt loophole
  • Leash rotates 360 degrees to avoid chain tangling
  • 10 Feet retracting silk leash/lead; Convenient “one click” chain securing mechanism
  • Retracting key chain descends from leash
  • Made for dogs 30 lbs or below
  • 4-1/2- Inch long, 4-Inch broad, 1-1/2- Inch high, 6.3 ounces

The hip chain is the hands complimentary retractable canine chain that allows you to stroll your pet dog hands totally free. along with all the routine features of a retracting leash, the hip leash clips into your belt or belt loop and also enables you to check out, write, text, type, eat, raise weights as well as even more while walking your pet. in addition to the hands free functions, the hip chain has a smooth, silk lead and a retracting essential chain that easily allows you to attach your keys, little flash light, clean up bag and also more. the hip chain is optimal for midsize, small and also plaything types. bying using the hip leash is the excellent means to invest the day with your friend while doing the important things you enjoy.