Native Pup Easter Dog Collar (Chicks, Small)

  • EASTER DOG COLLAR: Get in the vacation spirit with these special Easter dog collar patterns
  • DURABLE: Our festive dog collars are constructed from durable polyester that’s impossible to tear. Strong plastic clips accurately secure the collar around any type of pet dog’s neck. Metal D-Rings offer a protected accessory point for your chain.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: Your dog only obtains one item of clothes so make it count. We pick one of the most distinct patterns to make your pet dog lovely.
  • ADJUSTABLE DIMENSION FOR ANY PET: From Shih Tzu to St. Bernard, we’ve got you covered. We have dimensions from as small as 11 inches to as huge as 26 inches. See the size chart in the pictures for optimal fitting for your pet.
  • NO UGLY BRANDING: We don’t want your canine to be our signboard so we placed our branding on the packaging, not on the collar.