Rogz Fancy Dress Small 3/8-Inch Jellybean Dog Collar, Lime Bone Design

  • Ultra sophisticated 3/8-Inch Jellybean collars adjust for neck sizes from 8-Inch to 13-Inch Suitable for Yorkie, Pom, Maltese and comparable sized types
  • Box sewed for a top quality coating
  • Fully Adjustable from 8″ to 13″.
  • Ultra Trendy 3/8-Inch Jellybean Collars change for neck sizes from 8-inches to 13-inches. Suitable for Adult Yorkie, Pom, Maltese, Chihuahua, Mini Poodle and similar sized types.
  • Elegant Designs.
  • Buckle-Breaking strength checked at 92lbs-114lbs from a direct pull.
  • Contoured Plastic Elements guarantee a snug fit.

Well right here it is little guys! Your very own zooty dress-up-and-go, head-turning, ‘check-me-out-babe’ gear. Rogz Fancy Dress Variety, 3/8-Inch Jellybean Collars feature super-fashion bow stitched into pure high grade nylon webbing. All joins are box-stitched and all layouts an original classic, especially for those vital as well as special occasions.