SELMAI Pet Cat Dog under 20 pounds Small Dog Pirate Costume Coat with Adjustable Hat

SELMAI Pet Cat Dog under 20 pounds Small Dog Pirate Costume Coat with Adjustable Hat

$ 14.60

  • Dimension XS: Back Circumference:6 -8 in; Upper body Circumference:12 -14 in; for body weight 1.0-4.5 extra pounds
  • Readily available for little dimension family pet, such Feline, Chihuahua, Dog, Mug Dog, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel.
  • This garments operates tiny a small, for lap dog under 24pounds only.Please have a size from your pet or even feline prior to acquiring!!!
  • Perfect for Everyday Wear, Weekend Parties, Halloween, Birthdays, Photo Shoot.
  • Buccaneer outfit featured lavish garments and also relaxed modifiable brain printing hat

Effective ways to evaluate the pet dimension?

Upper body: gauge the thickest aspect of the breast, incorporate 2 ~ 3CM is going to be actually a lot better. (Usually responsible for both lower legs).

Span: Make certain your canine stands up appropriately, certainly not resting or even laying. Step along the canine’s foundation coming from the bottom from the back to 5CM front end the bottom from the rear.

Back: the circumference from the back, include 2 ~ 3CM will certainly be actually much better.

Take note: If your canine is actually a big breast, lengthy hair, or even at the high-end from the dimension, you might purchase the upcoming bigger dimension to guarantee a comfy match.

Kind recommed: (for endorsement simply):.

Teddy or even Dog Grownup canines: at some point have M, L, XL.

Chihuahua Grownup pet dogs: occasionally have XS, S or even M.

Pomeranian Grownup canines: at some time have S or even M.

Mini Schnauzers Grownup pet dogs: occasionally have L or even XL.

The suggest body weight is actually simply for endorsement, satisfy kindly have a size from your canine prior to purchase, many thanks.

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Small Dog Pirate Costume Size: XS

Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 1 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.7 ounces

Size Details:

This dog clothes is for small toy dogs or cat under 24 pounds

Size XS: Neck Girth:6-8inch/15-20cm; Chest Girth:12-14inch/30-35cm; for weight 1.0-4.5 pounds/0.5-2.0 KG

Size S: Neck Girth:8-10inch/20-25cm; Chest Girth:14-16inch/35-40cm; for weight 4.5-7.5 pounds/2.0-3.5 KG

Size M: Neck Girth:10-12inch/25-30cm; Chest Girth:16-18inch/40-45cm; for weight 7.5-11 pounds/3.5-5.0 KG

Size L: Neck Girth:11-13inch/28-33cm; Chest Girth:18-20inch/45-50cm; for weight 11-16.5 pounds/5.0-7.5 KG

Size XL: Neck Girth:12.2-15inch/31-38cm; Chest Girth:20.5-22.5inch/52-57cm; for weight 16.5-24 pounds/7.5-11 KG

Seller Warranty Description

It only fit puppy & small dogs under 20lbs.