Simple Solution Washable Diapers

  • Sized for 8 to 15 pounds and also waistline dimension of 12 to 19 inches
  • Includes an add-on for heavy peeing
  • Soft flannel cellular lining
  • Machine washable

Washable baby diaper garments are the perfect answer for pets experiencing excitable urination, pet dogs with incontinence, as well as women animals in season as well as puppies not yet rather housebroken. Each garment is lined with a soft plaid flannel textile for comfort and also an absorbing mesh lining for protection from leakage. For light seasonal flow or small quick-tempered urination the garments may be used alone. For hefty seasonal circulation or even more serious situations or peeing, simply attach a Basic Solutions Baby diaper Garment Liners to item’s built-in mesh lining. Device washable on gentle cycle. Hang to dry. To insure a proper suitable for the anatomy of your male pet, choose the next off largest dimension.