Small Dog Leash – Sky Blue 5 Foot Leash – Ligh Enough For Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Or Terrier And Strong Enough For A Great Dane

  • This light weight small dog leash is less than 3 oz
  • Leash is double braided nylon mountain rope and rated at over 1.200 lbs.
  • Leash is 5mm thin but very strong. Fits in purse or pocket.
  • Two other colors. Do search for Periwinkle Blue or Sunset Red
  • Hanging ring included on thin polyvinyl sheath handle. Comfortable handle.

Almost all leashes are too big for the toy breeds. This leash is perfect for your small dog. Colorful and stylish. Two other colors available. Use search terms on Amazon for Periwinkle Blue or Sunset Red