Soft Fleece Shirt Hoody Leopard Star Square Pet Dog Clothes with Blue Headband and Usb Light

  • Product: polar fleece
  • Size: XS, Neck Girth:19 cm(7.5″), Breast Girth:32 cm(12″), Back Length:20 centimeters(7.87″), Usual Breeds: TinyToyPoodle, Yorkie, Chihuahua.
  • Package Consist of:1 x Soft Fleece Pet Clothing, with 1 x CTU BroHall brand name blue headband, 1 x modifiable angle USB light

Cute pattern match brilliant shade. Classy, nice layout, adorable and beautiful. Soft fleece, smooth, comfortable, as well as cozy. Ideal for fall and also winter season, to keep your dog warm and comfortable.