Alfie Pet Accessory – Archi Belly Band (for Boy Dogs)

$ 7.99

  • Kindly keep in mind that this list is for the size XL. Fit waistline 16″ – 17.5″ (6.25″ large). For tummy bands, you would like to take the girth measurement at the waistline (before the back legs).
  • Wide, matching velcro closure supplies safe fastening without bunching, lifted edges or corners.
  • For extra absorption, simply add a panty liner or cells.
  • Perfect for travel in the auto, aircrafts, canine pleasant resorts, stores and also cafes. Great for pet dog with incontinence trouble.
  • 100 % cotton lined with a double layer of baby diaper flannel. Equipment cleanable and also quick drying out.

Alfie Pet dog’s belly bands are for kid dogs that leg lift, mark, dribble as well as pee inside your home. The closure is built with commercial toughness velcro for a protected fit. Our stomach band is for comfort, style and also will remain.

Stomach bands are made to prevent canines from marking their area when out and also about. These belly bands are not intended to take in pee, yet to prevent peeing. For urine absorption, mere include a panty lining or tissue.

Alfie Animal’s belly bands are not just a great training help however they likewise work as an anti-breeding aid for male pet dogs that are not neutered. They are likewise suitable for travel in the car or on an airplane or in canine friendly establishments and dining establishments. They likewise offer momentary help to dogs with incontinence troubles. Most importantly, they supply assurance with your beloved friend, even if he’s not excellent in manners.

Free Gift: Item comes with Zip-lock Luggage for easy storage space.