Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Vea 2.0 Slow-Eating Anti-Gulping Pet Food Bowl (for Dogs & Cats) – Color: Blue, Size: Small

  • Listening to customer feedback, the improved Vea 2.0 Slow-Eating Bowl has its signature apexes in different heights to better fit cats and dog breeds with flatter snout. We also increased the dimension and volume by 30% to offer better fit for small and medium-sized breeds like Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Papillon, Poodles, Silky Terriers and etc. Vea 2.0 SMALL size bowl measures 5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height and hold 1.25 cups (around 300 ml).
  • The Alfie Pet Slow Eating Dog Bowl’s unique revolutionary design is a result of deep thought and research. The design was borne out of the observation of dogs gobbling up their food every time as if they came right out of a famine. This ‘vacuuming’ of food may result in a myriad of physical and behavioral problems including overeating, vomiting and coprophagy.
  • The design in the center of the bowl has 3 apexes, which serve as an obstruction to deter your dog from making a clean sweep of the food. The same obstruction also makes it more difficult for dogs to get their muzzles near enough to the base of the bowl, and thus preventing them from “inhaling” their food.
  • Even your dog doesn’t eat fast, The Alfie Pet Slow Eating Dog Bowl can be used as a regular bowl. In fact, the bowl may aid/enhance your dog’s body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients from his food.
  • NON-SLIP: The Alfie Pet Slow Eating Dog Bowl has non-slip pad around the edge of the bowl. Spare your dog the indignity of having his bowl move from end to end when he eats. With its weight and around-the-edge non-slip pad, your dog can feed comfortably.

Many dogs have an unhealthy habit of eating too fast. They love to lap up all the food in a swift, sweeping motion and gobble down or “inhale” their food like a vacuum cleaner. This way, they end up swallowing everything without much chewing, thus leading to indigestion. The Alfie Pet Slow Eating Dog Bowl solves the following problems.

“My dog is overweight” – Slower eating makes your dog feel full faster, thus avoiding instances of re-eating. As a result this bowl can also be a useful weight management tool.

“My dog vomits after eating” – Dogs that eat too fast may regurgitate as a result. By slowing down the dog’s eating process to a healthy and moderate pace, this problem can be eradicated.

“My dog eats his poop” – Through moderating your dog’s eating pace, the bowl prevents coprophagy. Coprophagy (the act of feeding on excretion) has many possible causes. Poor digestion due to fast eating may in turn result in poor nutrient absorption. Instinctively, dogs may then try to reprocess it by eating up his nutrient rich poop. However owners who have this problem should consult a professional to rule out coprophagy as a behavioral problem.

MAKE THE SWITCH: If your dog has problems switching over from his existing feeding bowl, we suggest adding bits of his favorite treats into the food to encourage him to eat from the new bowl. Once your dog is used to eating from his new bowl, you can resume his normal diet and leave the treats out gradually.

Vea 2.0 is dishwasher-safe but do not microwave.