Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Vea 2.0 Slow-Eating Anti-Gulping Pet Food Bowl (for Dogs & Cats)

  • Hearing consumer comments, the improved Vea 2.0 Slow-Eating Bowl has its signature peaks in different elevations to much better suit pet cats as well as pet types with flatter snout. We also boosted the dimension and also quantity by 30 % to provide much better suitable for tiny and medium-sized types like Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Papillon, Poodles, Silky Terriers and etc. Vea 2.0 SMALL size bowl procedures 5 inches in dimension as well as 2.5 inches in elevation and also hold 1.25 cups (around 300 ml).
  • The Alfie Pet dog Slow Consuming Pet Bowl’s special advanced layout is a result of reflection as well as study. The style was substantiated of the observation of dogs gobbling up their meals whenever as if they came straight from a scarcity. This ‘vacuuming’ of food could result in a myriad of physical and also behavioral problems including overindulging, throwing up and coprophagy.
  • The style in the center of the dish has 3 apexes, which act as an obstruction to prevent your canine from making a clean sweep of the food. The exact same obstruction additionally makes it harder for dogs to obtain their muzzles near sufficient to the base of the dish, and also thus stopping them from “breathing in” their food.
  • Also your canine does not eat quick, The Alfie Pet dog Slow Consuming Pet Dish can be used as a routine bowl. As a matter of fact, the bowl could aid/enhance your pet’s physical body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from his meals.
  • NON-SLIP: The Alfie Pet dog Slow Eating Dog Dish has non-slip pad around the advantage of the dish. Spare your canine the indignity of having his dish technique from end to end when he consumes. With its weight and around-the-edge non-slip pad, your dog could feed pleasantly.

Several canines have a harmful behavior of consuming too fast. They love to lap up all the meals in a swift, sweeping motion and gobble down or “inhale” their meals like a vacuum cleaner. Through this, they end up swallowing everything without much chewing, hence leading to acid indigestion. The Alfie Pet Slow Consuming Canine Dish fixes the complying with troubles.

“My canine is obese” – Slower consuming makes your pet feel complete quicker, therefore staying clear of circumstances of re-eating. As a result this dish could likewise be a valuable weight management device.

“My pet dog vomits after eating” – Dogs that eat too quick might regurgitate therefore. By slowing down the pet dog’s eating process to a healthy as well as moderate rate, this problem can be gotten rid of.

“My canine consumes his poop” – Via moderating your pet’s consuming rate, the dish prevents coprophagy. Coprophagy (the act of preying on excretion) has lots of feasible reasons. Poor food digestion as a result of quick eating may then lead to poor nutrient absorption. Intuitively, pets could then try to recycle it by eating up his nutrient rich poop. Nonetheless owners who have this problem should get in touch with a professional to dismiss coprophagy as a behavior trouble.

MAKE THE BUTTON: If your dog has issues switching from his alreadying existing feeding dish, we suggest adding little bits of his favored manages into the meals to urge him to eat from the new dish. Once your canine is used to consuming from his brand-new bowl, you can resume his regular diet and also leave the deals with out progressively.

Vea 2.0 in LARGE size will certainly be available in 2015.