Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Noah Recovery Collar (for Dogs and Cats) – Pattern: Lion, Size: XS

  • Size XS best fits neck girth 7.5″ to 8.5″ with the overall depth of 4.5″
  • Ideal for injuries, rashes and post surgery. Work great for both cats and dogs
  • This lion costume design recovery collar is light in weight, soft and comfortable but may not cover all body part of the pet. Owner should monitor in the beginning as pet may chew the collar
  • Unique velcro closure enables the owner to tighten or loosen, as necessary
  • Pets can eat, sleep, and drink normally

Our Recovery Collar for Dogs & Cats is designed to prevent your pet from directly traumatizing a surgical site or injured area by chewing or scratching at it. It features a unique velcro system that enables you to tighten or loosen as necessary, for the perfect fit. It’s lightweight, soft and comfortable, allowing your dog to eat, sleep and drink normally. It helps keep your pet safe as she heals with our recovery collar.

How to properly determine your dog’s size:

To find the right size collar, you will need to take 2 measurements

1) The size in inches around their neck (circumference)
2) The size in inches from the neck to the snout

The second measurement (neck to snout) is the most critical, as the collar needs to extend beyond the nose in order to provide effective protection. If your dog or cat’s nose is sticking out of the end of the cone, they may be able to reach the affected areas.

If any of the measurements are ‘between’ two sizes, choose the larger size. If your measurements are toward the upper end of the range given for a particular size, you may also want to choose the larger size, as you may also wish to do for heavily coated dogs to accommodate all that fur.

ADJUSTABLE: Unique Velcro closure can be loosened or tightened to allow for optimal comfort and security

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Lightweight, soft and comfortable design allows dogs to eat, sleep and drink normally

VERSATILE DESIGN: Lion design puts an adorable twist on the traditional recover collar and can also double as a Halloween costume