Ant Proof Raised Pet Bowl for Cats and Small Dogs with Adjustable Height and Stainless Steel Dish by BugSnub (BST1SM)

Ant Proof Raised Pet Bowl for Cats and Small Dogs with Adjustable Height and Stainless Steel Dish by BugSnub (BST1SM)

$ 39.00

  • ONE HUNDRED% ant evidence. Easy to put together and also make use of.
  • USDA Food Grade gel works as a barricade in between ants and also your household pet’s food items. One use may last much longer compared to 1 year.
  • Gel is actually put on within inverted mug. This will not spill over, function, gather fragments, or even run out.
  • Strong, premium repainted steel tripod position. Collapsible for simple storing and also traveling.
  • High dish as well as modifiable elevation (6 – 8 ins to peak from supplied dish) markets well-balanced consuming stance.

BugSnub is actually the only ant blocker on the marketplace that is actually channel complimentary, poisonous substance free of charge, and also maintenance free.


1 Adjustable Height Tripod Stand (coated steel, dark silk appearance).

1 Single Suction Cup BugSnub Bowl Mount.

1 Single Peel-N-Stick BugSnub Bowl Mount.

1 Stainless Steel Bowl (Height: 1.1″, Diameter: 4.4″, Volume: 9.25 fl ounces, looking glass appearance).

1 BugSnub Insect Blocking Gel (3mL).

Just how this operates:

BugSnub farmers guard your family pet’s meals coming from ants making use of an obstacle from USDA food-grade gel. This carries out certainly not damage or even catch pests; they simply cannot stroll around that. That is actually secure around family pets, little ones, as well as any sort of meals products. The gel is actually put on the within a bottom-side-up mug, so this is actually safeguarded off being actually hit through your palms as well as this will not accumulate fell meals, water, or even bugs. The gel is actually quite tough- this will not run out or even liquefy in the warm sunlight, that is actually water resistant, as well as lengthy long-term. One app may last much longer in comparison to a year, plus all BugSnub farmers include sufficient bug shutting out gel for a number of functions. BugSnub’s license hanging unit is actually 100% ant evidence. Never ever spill over, well-maintained, or even re-fill one more unpleasant liquefied channel once again!

Our team suggest this farmer for lap dogs (e.g. Chihuahuas, Yorkies) and also pussy-cats from all dimensions. Make use of either the consisted of stainless-steel dish (keeps 1 mug from food items) or even your personal dish using this BugSnub farmer. If you desire to utilize your very own dish, our company advise dish dimensions approximately 6 ins. Fasten the dish to the position making use of some of the 2 featured dish installs. The suction mug dish install comes if you would like to connect and also get rid of the dish often. Our experts very suggest you clean the suction mug as well as dish base along with foaming water just before usage. Make use of the peel-n-stick dish position if you prefer an even more irreversible accessory.

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Raised Pet Bowl Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6 inches

Assembled Height: adjustable 6 – 8 inches to top of provided bowl
Base Spread: 8 inches
Assembled Weight: 14 oz