DOK TigerToes Premium Non-Slip Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors – Extra-Thick Grip That Works Even When Twisted – Prevents Licking, Slipping, and Great for Dog Paw Protection (XXS)

  • Size is important: Make sure you determine the size of your pet prior to purchase.Select the bigger size if your dog’s paw width can be found between the two sizes. Four dog grip socks made from elastic cotton that has the ability to stretch.
  • 3x More grip 3x More Grip: Performance grip is designed to offer dependable traction, even when the sock turns when the dog wears them. This makes them the perfect anti-slip dog socks that are suitable for active dogs and senior canines alike.
  • Senior Dogs: Designed for seniors in mind. High grip on hardwood floors as well as other slippery surfaces makes these socks ideal for dogs suffering from joint or mobility issues.
  • Patent-Pending Design: Innovative product developed in the USA to offer security, comfort, and mobility assistance. The buttonless strap design helps prevent dog sores while allowing for easy, free mobility.
  • Multi-Functional suitable for small dogs, large dogs as well as senior canines, these socks offer Paw protection during the summer months, making sure your dog’s feet are safe from scorching pavement, heat and other dangers.

The Tiger Toes dog socks with grips are the ideal solution for older dogs with slippery hardwood floors, hot pavement, floor protection and prevention of dog paw licking. Made and manufactured in the US by the reputable brand DOK These dog grip socks have a thick grip that provides the traction throughout the sock. This makes them an ideal replacement for dog shoes, booties and dog boots, as well as Paw protectors. Apart from their usefulness the socks are made with your dog’s comfort in mind. The design is button-less, which prevents dog sores and allows freedom of movement and comfort during wear. They are constructed from soft, breathable material which won’t cause irritation or chafe. This ensures that your dog is comfortable while wearing them for extended durations of time. The Velcro straps guarantee an ensconced fit, meaning you don’t need to worry about your socks falling off while your dog runs around and plays. They are suited for dogs of all sizes including small dogs, large dogs and even senior dogs. They’re the perfect winter paw protectors protecting your dog’s feet protected from the scorching pavement and the heat. They also work well for dogs that have mobility issues as they offer additional stability and stability. Apart from their practical use these socks can also be fashionable for your pet. No matter if you own a small toy dog or a big working dog they are an effective and comfortable solution to protect your pet’s feet. So why put it off? Take a pair Tiger Toes socks for dogs for your pet companion today and provide them with the security and peace they need. No matter if you’re in your home or on the move the socks are essential for every pet owner.