Ez Flow Plus Chicken Flavor Pet Herbal Supplement

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  • Boosts strength, immunity as well as vigor, reinforces resistance to diseases; antioxidant, antimicrobial
  • anti-inflammatory; promotes cravings as well as aids digestion; antibacterial for colds as well as coughs;
  • aids clear breast blockage; secures while inoculation and also assistance weak young people; avoids hypoglycemia.

VetVittles tm “EZ Circulation Plus” (boosted formula of the previous “EZ Circulation”) Rinses urinary system tract infection, promotes peeing and also kills microorganisms in urinary system and protects against bladder infections. Chicken Flavor Supplier’s people and also address: Made in U.S.A, source people certified herbal solutions: San Francisco Natural herb & Health food Co.; Veterinarian Vittles, 223 W 38th Road, New york city, NY 10018; tel. -LRB-888-RRB- 807 4588; Web amount declaration: 2 Oz of highly flavorsome gel per bottle. Active ingredients: Honey, agar-agar and organic treatments: agnus castus berry, astragalus origin, dill seed, juniper berry, parsley root, sarsaparilla root, uva ursi fallen leave. Guidelines: For pet dogs and pet cats only. Stay out of reach of kids. Preventative measure: Except usage surpassing 3-5 weeks one by one, contraindicated in inflamed kidney illness under acid pee. Dose: Give 0.03 oz of gel (1 pump) 2 times a day per 5 pound of body weight into mouth. Best prior to December 2013.