Healthy Breeds Chihuahua Senior Dog Care Soft Chews 100 Count

  • Veterinarian designed to give your dog’s older ones with all the nutrients and vitamins they require!Animals require different quantities in nutrients when they grow older. Our multivitamin makes sure that you’re supplementing your diet correctly!
  • Made with antioxidants that are powerful to help support the immune system and maintain energy levels. Support flexibility and mobility as your dog grows older by feeding these chewable supplements.
  • Healthy Breeds Senior Care Soft Chews come with a delicious chicken flavor you can be sure your pup will enjoy. Making sure your dog gets their daily vitamin intake has been this simple – they’ll are convinced that it’s a treat!
  • MADE IN THE USA! Shop with complete confidence! Every one of the Healthy Breeds products are made in federally-regulated manufacturing facilities. All raw materials used come from the finest grade and tested for the purity and effectiveness before being used.
  • Healthy Breeds offers an assortment of products for dogs, including grooming, health, dental care, and treats for more than 200 breeds! Check out your dog’s breed! Use above the Healthy Breeds hyperlink above to visit the Amazon storefront. Great customer support and a return policy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Healthy Breeds Senior Care Soft Chews is a great and simple method to help support vitality of older dogs. These chewable treats are packed with advantages! Help improve joint mobility, enhance joint flexibility, and help keep your energy levels in check as your dog gets older. This gluten-free formula is packed with powerful antioxidants that support your immunity Also! With a delicious chicken taste it is a pet-friendly supplement your pet will enjoy!