iLeesh i Love My Chihuahua Retractable Pink Leash

  • Customizable to a variety of dog breeds
  • The perfect gift for any dog owner
  • Retractable/durable

A favored with pet enthusiasts everywhere, this retracting belt leash supplies maximum freedom for your dog, while giving you peace of mind that you have your family pet controlled and can maintain them secure. Made from durable impact plastic, each of our retractable leashes includes a domed water resistant reflective sticker with an image of a specific breed. The sticker consists of a message proclaiming your love for that breed, making this product the perfect gift for a dog enthusiast. We have a significant range of types from Chihuahua to Doberman and Shih Tzu to Golden Retriever. Offered in 3 different colors, black, turquoise or pink, this retracting leash features a soft grasp manage and a one hand braking and securing system, so it is very simple for anyone to operate. iLeesh leashes use a high strength soft nylon belt product made to stay clear of burns or cuts and a safe and secure very strong chromium plated latch hook to connect to your dog’s collar. Select in between 2 different dimensions; our tool belt which is 16ft long and also is made to hold a pet of as much as 44lb/20kg and also our huge belt which is 9ft long and is developed to hold a canine of up to 100lb/45kg. The chain measurements are 1.5″width x 6″height x 4″length. Key attributes: Offers maximum liberty for your pet dog Adjustable to your canine type Simple to operate as well as simple to take care of.