Nonslip Rubber Sole Pet Yorkie Doggie Warm Shoes Boots XXS 2 Pair Red

$ 12.25

  • Product Call: Pet Shoes; Size: XXS(Size 3).
  • Sole Size: 5 x 4cm/ 2″ x 1.6″(L * W); Fit Paw Dimension: 4 x 3cm/ 1.6″ x 1.2″(L * W).
  • Elevation: 6cm/ 2.4″; Product: Cotton Blend, Rubber.
  • Key Color: Red; Net Weight: 72g.
  • Plan Material: 2 Set x PetShoes.
  • Nonslip rubber base make animal a lot more secure when strolling or running.
  • Can secure the pet paw from the mud, scrapes as well as burning.
  • Practical to put on and remove with flexible hook loophole bolt and zipper closure.
  • This dog footwears is Red and Size XXS.