Polish Pottery Raised Dry Food Dish Cat Dog RMAN Blue Poppies

$ 73.03 $ 54.00

  • Raised Polish pottery pet dish for dry food OR water
  • Enables pet cats and also lap dogs to stand or rest pleasantly while consuming or drinking
  • Pedestal shape takes up much less room on the floor; heavy sturdy stoneware meal stands up to tipping and also sliding
  • In the beautiful classic Polish pottery pattern RMAN or Blue Poppies
  • Comfort for your family pet and also design for you

This one-piece family pet meal is 5.5″ high to the rim and also is well matched to all pet cats and the majority of smaller sized pets as Pomeranians, Yorkies as well as Chihuahuas. Exactly how high should your family pet’s meal be? The recipe rim need to concern about mid-chest on your cat or lap dog. The 5″ diameter/1.5″ deep bowl is connected to a 4″ pedestal, holds one complete mug and even designed specifically for completely dry food or water. The much deeper bowl maintains dry food a lot better consisted of and much less subjected to air. The elevated stoneware bowl assists maintain water cleaner and also better tasting. The turned in rim keeps water from spilling. Keep in mind: pet cats will drink even more if their food and also water are kept in different areas. This meal could additionally be made use of to offer a small amount of damp food to animals with narrower muzzles.