Polish Pottery Set of 2: Raised Small Dog Dry Food Dishes in Dog Walk and Dog Bones

$ 84.90

  • Ceramic recipe prepared created for the convenience and also advantage from lap dogs along with narrower muzzles as Yorkies, Chihuahuas and also Pomeranian
  • Each meal could be made use of for either completely dry meals or even water. Massive tough ceramic food stands up to leaning as well as gliding.
  • Total platter 5.4″ higher to the edge; 5″ diameter/1.25″ rich dish stores 1.5 mugs
  • In an enchanting as well as one-of-a-kind Polish ceramic style showcasing Dogs and also Dog Bones
  • Perfect for your personal fairly little bit of pets and a fantastic present. Pet version presented along with recipe in 2 from our photographes certainly not consisted of

This total family pet recipe is actually 5.4″ higher to the edge and also is actually effectively satisfied to many much smaller pet dogs. The 5.5″ diameter/1.25″ deep-seated dish was actually made particularly for completely dry food items, difficult food items or even water for one lap dog. That keeps 1.5 mugs. The much deeper dish maintains dry out food items much better included as well as a lot less revealed to sky. The raised stand concept Polish ceramic dish assists maintain water cleaner as well as much better sampling. This meal could likewise be actually utilized to offer a percentage from damp meals to family pets along with narrower muzzles. Take note: How higher should your animal’s meal be actually for max convenience? The food edge need to involve concerning mid-chest on your little bit of canine.