Scheppend Anti-Slip Dog Boots for Small Dogs Sport Shoes Fashion Pet Sneakers,Blue #1(1.6" Lx1.2 W)

Scheppend Anti-Slip Dog Boots for Small Dogs Sport Shoes Fashion Pet Sneakers,Blue #1(1.6″ Lx1.2 W)

$ 11.69

  • Shade: Blue; Size: # 1( 1.6″ Lx1.2″ W).
  • Wonderful option: Keep paws clean in the yard, shield your canine from warm walkways, or quit compulsive paw licking.
  • Informal and Haute couture: match all stylish clothes, perfect for the Fitness center and also casual wear, equiping your faithful “workout partner” with best outfit.
  • The pet dog running footwear are attached by white shoe laces, which are capable to stop slipping off and also provide a tailored rigidity for secure closure.
  • Package Include: 4 computers * Pet dog Outdoor Shoes.

Scheppend Anti-Slip Pet Dog Boots for Small Dogs Sport Shoes Fashion Pet Sneakers.

Trouble getting up, transforming edges, racing to fulfill site visitors; slipping, sliding, falling when your animal dog’s feet can not get a grip on wood floorings, which provides us hrs of home entertainment. The scene seems extremely familiar, and after that you may need to have towels or carpets anywhere. Actually, you can buy him/her a collection of dog canvas shoes. On great hardwood floorings, the canine tennis shoes will avoid him/her from marking up the flooring surface. Additionally, the sole is sturdy, with excellent traction, so not just does your boy/girl have great defense from the burning summer pavement, particularly for service pet dog, however he/she is able to delve into the vehicle as well as do all his regular activities easily. With the stylish family pet sport shoes, they will certainly never get all the road salt in the colder winter season which has actually caused problems for the majority of canines. Besides, you can thoroughly pick two sets of four footwear: one dimension for the back paws and also one more one dimension for the front paws, if your boy/girl’s paws differ in dimension. This way you’ll have a back up set for him/her if the others ever before wear.


Certainly gauge your pets feet. Your baby usually uses dimension A doesn’t mean all size A will fit him/her!

  1. Make your hair baby’s paws depending on an empty piece of paper.
  2. Draw a circle around the paw, mark from the longest toenail to the rear of the paw (for length) as well as from the largest of the paw lef to right (for size).
  3. Have a reference on the dimension chart. Big enough to allow his feet to expand as is natural, but the shoe laces are adaptable enough to secure.

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Anti-Slip Dog Boots Size: #1(1.6″Lx1.2″W)

Color: Blue

Item Weight: 2.08 ounces

Shipping Weight: 2.2 ounces

Sizing Instructions:

No.1: 1.6″Lx1.2″W—4.0cm*3.0cm
No.2: 1.7″Lx1.3″W— 4.3cm*3.3cm
No.3: 2.0″Lx1.6″W—5.0cm*4.0cm
No.4: 2.2″Lx1.75″W—5.5cm*4.4cm
No.5: 2.3″Lx1.9″W— 5.8cm*4.8cm